Monday, February 04, 2013

Academic Excellence, Angry Arab style

I've written about Prof. AbuKhalil, who who teaches American students at an American university of a good standing in California. I think there is no need to spread another layer of icing on the case cake of the good prof's credentials and suitability for the job of educator at an academic institute at a Western, democratic country. But here is a cherry:

Yesterday, I told my students in American Government class that I came to America in 1983, with two dollars in my pocket. I said that I came here in a boat and that I peddled my way through the ocean. They were listening intently and did not realize that I was kidding until I added: there were sharks all around me and a monster from outer space was attacking me from above. Ha ha.

A prof, who has so much contempt for his students that he spends time telling them tales from a hate filled imagination, believes he fools them, and then has a good chuckle at their expense with his so much cleverer and savvier readers. That's what I would call a creative teacher with a healthy sense of humour.


At 5:53 PM EST, Blogger Ros said...

"That's what I would call a creative teacher with a healthy sense of humour. " Umm, but would he understand your use of irony?

I do, if only because I would never have insulted my students by talking to them like that. As they demonstrated by their response to me when I retired, which was quite charming and heart-warming. And I'm not using irony.


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