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  Case #1: 

Here is how Prof AbuKhalil, (who teaches young American students how to receive facts and interpret them ethically and correctly), describes a historical incident:

 Israeli terrorism is not made famous in the West: Libyan Flight 114

And here is what the article he links to explains

"As the airliner cruised over northern Egypt, a large sandstorm below forced the crew to rely completely on instrument navigation. A short time later, around 13:44, the pilot suspected that he had made a navigational error because of a compass malfunction: he could not find an air traffic beacon, and could not ascertain the plane's current location. He did not report his worries to the Cairo air control tower. Instead, at 13:52 he received permission from Cairo to begin his descent. Pushed by strong tailwinds, the aircraft had drifted east, and was flying over the Suez canal. Sinai (to the east of the canal) had been occupied by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were on high alert; Israel was in a state of war with Egypt at the time, and thought it suspicious that no Egyptian missiles had been fired at the plane, nor MiGs scrambled to intercept it.[citation needed]

At 13:54, Flight 114 entered airspace over the Sinai desert, cruising at 20,000 feet (6,100 m). Two minutes later, two Israeli Air Force F-4 fighters were scrambled to investigate and they intercepted the airliner at 13:59. The Israeli fighter pilots attempted to make visual contact with the passenger airliner's crew, and tried to communicate to them by signaling with their hands, dipping their wings and firing warning shots, that they should follow the F-4s back to Rephidim Air Base. The 727 crew's response was interpreted as a denial of that request.[3] The 727 turned back to the west, and the Israeli pilots interpreted this as an attempt to flee.[4]
The Israeli F-4 pilots fired bursts of 20mm rounds with the F-4's cannon. The rounds severely damaged control surfaces, hydraulic systems, and the wing structure itself. Flight 114 crashed while attempting an emergency landing[3] in an area covered with sand dunes. Following an explosion near the right main landing gear during the crash, 108 of the 113 people aboard died.[4]


The co-pilot, who survived, later said that the flight crew knew the Israeli jets wanted them to land but relations between Israel and Libya made them decide against following instructions.[1] In direct contradiction to the co-pilot's own account the Libyan government stated that the attack occurred without warning.[1] Israel's air force claimed that Flight 114 was a security threat, and that among the possible tasks it could have been undertaking was an aerial spy mission over the Israeli air base at Bir Gifgafa."

What should be recalled is that (1) AbuKhalil has never been able to recognize the deliberate killing of Israeli Jews as terrorism.

And (2)  that his statement about how the "West" is kept in ignorance of this 1973 incident is belied by the very link to wikipedia that he himself provides.

One might conclude that the internal tension between truth and lie is due to the simple fact that the prof. may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer. I doubt that very much. How can a truly stupid, clueless and ignorant person get to be a teacher at a high academic institute, entrusted with the instruction of good thinking  to thousands of young pliable minds??  No. The reason why the prof shoots himself in the foot every time he posts some piece of "news" about Israel is because anger makes you stupid.And sometimes even very stupid.

Case #2: 

According to Freud's theory of dreams    the impulses and desires of the id are suppressed by the superego. Through dreams, you are able to get a glimpse into your unconscious or the id. Because your guards are down during the dream state, your unconscious has the opportunity to act out and express the hidden desires of the id. However, the desires of the id can, at times, be so disturbing and even psychologically harmful that a "censor" comes into play and translates the id's disturbing content into a more acceptable symbolic form.

In the case of AbuKhalil's reported dreams (apparently he considers his dreams newsworthy, why else would he post them on his "News Service"?), there is no such censor. The dream's lucid wish fulfilling content is strutted as self-salutary moral achievement.

 Here is the case in point: 

 "I dreamt that ... Thomas Friedman was my roommate in that home.  We moved in and Friedman and I were looking down from the window when he fell out of the window straight on his head.  I alas could not save him.  True story--i mean true dream."

Not a surprising revelation from the same person who openly enjoyed fantasizing about burning Condoleezza Rice 

or about the end of the world.


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He didn't inform the reader whether it was a wet dream. Pity.


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