Saturday, April 20, 2013

Is Cognitive Dissonance a Mental Disorder?

AbuKhalil posts a photo of  jolly Palestine

Here is a piece of advice: If you spend your life trying to convince anyone who deigns to listen that Palestinians are the poorest, most oppressed victims in the history of the world, you don't do that by proudly publicizing this kind of photo. It is counterproductive. It makes the viewer puzzle what Palestinians are complaining about when they claim to be oppressed and suffering. And why, for bloody hell's sake, if they live on streets like this, do they need UNRWA for? 

  Rations are distributed to families in UNRWA's special hardship category every quarter. The yearly value of the food is just over US$ 100 per person and most of it is received by the agency in the form of in-kind donations of basic foodstuff, such as flour, rice and dried milk. Finances permitting, the Agency also provides small cash grants to very poor refugee families to help with the purchase of items such as school uniforms and school books or as crisis grants, for example if they lose all their possessions in a house fire.


At 4:19 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I expect a clash between UNRWA and UNHCR over the palestinian refugees from Syria, assuming there are some who are now in Jordan's UNHCR refugee camps.

UNHCR needs UNRWA's funding!

we can only hope UNHCR wins...



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