Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Simple Case of Irony: The Zionizer* Zionized

One of the most common types of irony is the situational irony. 

AbuKhalil calls "Zionist" (he fancifully believes it is a slander to be called a Zionist) anyone who would even shake hands with an Israeli or would not share his absolute and self-defining hatred of Israel. These include (according to his singularly unique lights) Palestinian leadership, the Egyptian Muslim Brothers, Saudi Monarchs, the New York Times, to name but a few of the unlikeliest candidates for such a label. And what do you know, the caller of names is being insulted by the very same insult he throws at others. 

Of course the ultimate irony is these are all birds of a feather; the callers of names, the callees of names, the list of suspects called, they all understand each so well.  

How delicious.

* Just   one  example of many


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