Friday, May 17, 2013

 The Ethical Professor

According to AbuKhalil: " There are more than 3 million Muslims in the United States, and few more than 100 have joined jihad—about one out of every 30,000—suggesting an American Muslim population that remains hostile to jihadist ideology and its exhortations to violence." Using Bergen's figure of 203 jihadist terrorists, that means approximately 0.007 percent of Muslims in the United States have been involved in domestic terror plots since 9/11."

That is to say, a tiny minuscule minority only. So negligible as to suggest "an American Muslim population that remains hostile to jihadist ideology and its exhortations to violence".

According to AbuKhalil: 

"a tiny minisculre minority only

"About half a million settlers live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, of whom a tiny minority engage in violent attacks on Palestinians." 
From the way he chooses to title this quote, embellishing the actual phrase used in it "a tiny minority" to "a tiny minuscule minority only", it is obvious he realizes the absurdity of the argument. Because even a minority of one resorting to violence is reprehensible to those on the receiving end of the violence, as well as to any by-stander repulsed by any type of violence against innocent individuals. 
Note how easily he waves away as negligible, nothing to worry about, the 203 would-be Jihadists residing in the US and their potential, or not so potential, harm to American innocents and compare with his deep concern for the potential (and much inflated) suffering of innocent Palestinians from
 the violence of a tiny minority of "500,000 settlers" (sceptical quotations mark due to the way in which "settler" is defined by these crocodiles, hence their number). 
Or is he trying to suggest that, just as in the case of the Muslim-American community, this is a statistical fact that proves  An Israeli Settler population that remains hostile to anti-Palestinian sentiment and its exhortations to violence ??
I doubt this even occurred to venerable prof.
A double standard, from AbuKhalil?   


The article AbuKhalil's quote is taken from appears in the anti-Israel Guardian, and written from a highly critical point of view. Yet in this article we read: 

"The public security minister, Yitzhak Aharonovich, viewed the attacks with gravity and said police were hunting for those responsible.

A statement from the justice ministry issued on Thursday evening confirmed that a high-level meeting to discuss settler violence had discussed "the need for more serious steps to be taken, including making sure law enforcement have the tools at hand to deal with the criminals responsible".
A measure is to be brought before the cabinet next week following the meeting between Shin Bet officials, the Israeli Defence Forces and government ministers, including Aharonovich, justice minister Tzipi Livni and the attorney general, Yehuda Weinstein."

Israel's government and society view the violence against Palestinians, though coming only from a tiny minority, as extremely dangerous and reprehensible. You don't get that kind of concern from reading the way AbuKhalil dismisses the 203 potential Jihadists' violence to Americans. 


At 12:41 AM EDT, Anonymous migreli said...

The legal advisor to the Israel Government said today that Tag Mekhir is a terrorist organization.

CC, what odds will you give me that the Guardian will report this? And AA?


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