Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Priceless gleanings from "Angry Arab News Service":

 The cute terrorist:

"He told me that when Wadi' would stumble on a matter that required a solution, he would watch cartoons until he would come up with something. "
Who was this cutie pie,  and what kind of inspiration was he looking for in Mickie Mouse cartoons?

According to wikipedia,  Wadi Haddad  was he leader of the "military" wing of  Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), organized attacks on Israeli targets, including airplan highjackings, the most famous being  the Dawson's Field hijackings of 1970, and Entebbe.  He employed the services of  much feared and fabled arch-terrorist "Carlos the Jackal"*. Later, Haddad decided to expel Carlos from his team after the latter had been accused of refusing to kill two hostages, and possibly stealing ransom money, following the 1975 assault on the OPEC conference in Vienna. Haddad organized the Entebbe hijacking in June 1976.

Such and such are the objects of Prof. AbuKhalil's adulation.
* "Carlos was forced out of the PFLP by Wadi Haddad shortly after the OPEC kidnapping because he ransomed the Saudi and Iranian ministers instead of killing them, and because he was suspected of keeping part of the ransom for himself. Thus, despite reports to the contrary, he was already out of the organization when it orchestrated the famous hijacking of an Air France jet to Entebbe, Uganda, in 1976. But that portion of the ransom he turned over to Haddad, at least $10 million, was used to finance this and many other terrorist attacks against Israeli and European targets"

 So Niall Ferguson can't be racist because his "best friend" is gay and he is married to a bigot who was born in Somalia

A person who does not like gay persons is a homophobe, not a racist. A person who does not like any race but his own is a racist. But you wouldn't know any of it, because Prof. AbuKhalil is hardly interested in linguistic precision. Because anger makes you really stupid and the first type of stupidity is the misuse of language. I suspect that both Ferguson and his lovely wife, Aayan Hirsi Ali, have provoked his anger not only because they are both critical of Islamic violence and repression of human rights, especially true in the case of the lady, but especially because neither of them shares his apocalyptic view of Israel. In AbuKhalil's moral system, there is no greater sin than not regarding Israel as the greatest evil in the universe from the beginning of time.



Who speaks for the Arab people?

The answer: Western government officials and Western correspondents of course, as in: " but it now appears in the eyes of the Arab world

But the answer is: Angry Arab, of course, (with a few exceptions, like this one).


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