Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Relentless Liar

Look at this piece of utter ignorance and malevolence:

legal discrimination in Israel: how do you define veteran in Israel? by religion of course

"The measure would allow veterans to be preferred in hiring practices; to receive higher salaries; and to get preference in receiving dorm rooms at universities. None of that would be considered discrimination, which is illegal under Israeli law.

Who is considered a veteran in Israel?

"...  anyone who served in the army or did alternative national civilian service."

Who is not a veteran?

"Ultra-Orthodox Jews, both men and women, have been exempt from the draft until now ...
Arab citizens of Israel, who make up some 20% of the state, have never been subject to the draft. Many of them have Palestinian relatives and the government did not want to force them to potentially fight members of their own family."

  "Women from what is called the “national religious” stream, meaning they observe Jewish law but also study in universities, often choose to do “national service” instead of the army ...

Several hundred Arab citizens of Israel have volunteered for national service, although the numbers remain small."
Are Arab-Israelis, and ultra-orthodox Jews who choose to do national service entitled to veteran benefits?

So how is this discrimination "by religion" ? 

Let me remind the reader that this is a professor who teaches young American students how to think correctly, how to know truth from falsehood, how to make good and sound judgment. Would you trust him to teach all these academic values to your child?


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