Monday, June 03, 2013

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Prof. AbuKhalil about Anne Barnard :

" Ms Barnard is a victim twice, of her ignorance and of her political bias."

Enough said.


Here, Prof. AbuKhalil boasts knowing what is really going on in Syria, who fights and who and where.  How does he know? He doesn't really tell.  And rightly so. Because if you follow AbuKhalil's news service you will know by now that reliability of report and verifiability of facts are not exactly his strong suit. He tends to believe everything his informers tell him, and doesn't mind trumpeting the fact that for him,  "I heard it from someone who knows" is a good enough source worthy of concocting an entire edifice of  conjectures and myth and pass them as unalloyed truth.

Here is one example of how his network of information works.

It is interesting that since that last "report" Quntar's name failed to materialize on the Professor's website.

Why is that, do you think?



Every once in a while, AbuKhalil's steady diet of pure hatred, slander and twists of facts has the same effect on his mind that a steady diet of nothing but beans would have on any normal organism. The gaseous pressure amounts to such a degree that it needs to be relieved through the most convenient and closest orifice.  He then posts a 'message"on his "News Service" that serves no useful purpose whatsoever, does not augment any understanding, does not rely on any factually correct record. It is posted for no other reason then it relieves Abukhalil's mind of its gaseous stench. This is an example of such a posting:

Every six months since 1990 the Israeli government anounces that it has distributed gas masks to its citizens. And every time Wesrwen media cover the ritual and volunteer analogies to the holocaust for extra propaganda effect. By my count every Israeli citizen should have by now around 23 gas masks.

A point of fact: If gas masks have been distributed for 23 years every 6 months, the number of gas masks each Israeli  would have is 46. I hereby conclude that AbuKhalil does not know how to divide or multiply correctly even the simplest exercise. Perhaps he considers this basic arithmetic skill a Western value and shuns it as it should be.

As for the frequency of gas mask distribution, here is an article from 2010 that says:

Tel Aviv - Israel will next month begin gradually distributing new gas masks to its 7.5 million citizens, officials said on Wednesday, the third time the country has taken such a step in its history.

Like I said, a verbal noxious fart whose only claim to accuracy or truth is that of a stink bomb.

So what has caused this latest verbal fart from AbuKhalil's slander and hatred workshop?

I suspect it is this information:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week ordered the defense establishment to urgently get gas masks and protective kits into the hands of all Israelis, according to Israel's Channel 10 News.
Currently, only an estimated 42 percent of Israelis have up-to-date gas masks and protective kits. Budgetary constraints in recent years prevented both the manufacturing and distribution of enough masks to protect the entire population.
But, with the probability of an unconventional attack on Israel increasing significantly in the past year, and with the recent proven use of chemical weapons in Syria, distributing gas masks to all Israelis has become more than just a "feel-good" measure.

It appears to be a reasonable measure taken by a responsible leader who cares about the welfare of his people. AbuKhalil's feelings about this people is well known and recorded on this blog : He would like to see them wiped clear out of the universe.    It is not beyond a wild conjecture to assume that AbuKhalil's latest attack of intestinal gaseous fumes was caused by the thought that yet another opportunity to achieve his dreams has been thwarted ...


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