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This is a post from July  2011. I was reminded of it when I read this morning the following news:

"Fareej also reportedly masterminded attacks on a gas pipeline to Israel, the group said in a statement posted on militant Islamist Internet forums. Fareej was also involved in a failed assassination attempt against the Egyptian interior minister in September.
The report of Fareej’s death could not be independently verified, nor could his involvement in the August 2011 attack.
The Sinai Peninsula-based group said Fareej moved to mainland Egypt in early 2013 and “oversaw the group’s branch that carried out many operations against the regime of traitors and collaborators.”
The group has claimed a series of high profile attacks in Sinai and mainland Egypt, including bombings of police headquarters and the downing of a military helicopter with a heat-seeking missile."


Springtime for Egypt

So, for self-serving purposes, Zionists would like to believe that Egypt's revolution is not about Egypt's peace with Israel but an expression of Egypt's own problems, such as absence of basic liberties, scarcity of food, no employment for young men and women, etc etc. But Zionists are dead wrong (emphasis definitely on "dead").

Prof. AbuKhalil, who teaches political science at California State University, Stanislaus and visiting professor at UC, Berkeley, tells us: wake up and smell the gas, in his own academically measured and dispassionate way:

" So the gas pipe line to Israel was bombed for the fourth time, not the third time. If the Egyptian uprising did not have foreign policy objectives ...why has the pipe line to Israel been bombed four times?"

Don't believe those Zionist liars, those perfidious manufacturers of consent, who tell you that it was " Just a coincidence. Pure coincidence. Or, I will remind you that the first time it was bombed, several Israeli newspapers in promoted the notion that technical problems led to the explosion."

You see, Angry here wants to believe badly, really really badly, that Egyptians went to war on their own dictators in order to be free to make war on Israel, for the sake of poor Palestinians.

Funny. When the so called "revolution" was taking place and many noted the appearance of antisemitic banners among the madding crowds, Israelis and their supporters were chastised for having such tiny faith in the wisdom and genuine concerns of Egyptians. And now we are told by someone who considers himself as directly channeling the Arab Street that indeed, we were right. Not only told but blatantly jeered at for the crime of believing that Egyptians might actually be more interested in Democratic reform and a better future for themselves and less inclined to be "jubilant" about such a non-democratic act as explosive sabotage of a gas pipe which is there as a consequence of legally binding agreements between two neighboring states.

I sometimes wonder if AbuKhalil is not an embedded Mossad agent in American Academia, where he can do a magnificent propaganda job for Israel by airing the most fatuous, triumphalist theories and stories that emanate from the Arab Street.

Update: Angry Arab heart is gladdened by the smell of exploded gas pipe in the morning

Money quote: "
Even if you appoint local tribesmen or anyone to guard such a facility, no one would really protect it because they hate the facility, the gas supply to the enemy and the government that signed such an agreement," said Sheikh Ibrahim Abu Elayan, the secretary-general of the Arab Tribes Association. "This agreement is a dagger in Egypt's heart."

The new Egypt fashions a new definition for democratic reform: war mongering, bombing, reneging on international agreements, aiding and abetting for terrorists. And the Prof. AbuKhalil couldn't be happier. He teaches young American students about the proper way of thinking .


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