Sunday, April 27, 2014

Would you trust this person to babysit your children?


This part of the message
"Currently babysitting and reading Goliath by @MaxBlumenthal in a house that owns a SodaStream."
 is OK, as far as facts are described with a certain wryness about the incongruity between reading Max Blumenthal's anti-Israel, BDSist book and a SodaStream gadget (a wonderful, soda making kitchen device manufactured at a factory that is located in the nominal part of what is generally termed the "occupied territories" and the source of much quarreling for the Barking Left).

This part of the message

"Hoping the parents still pay me."

is not OK. Not only is it not OK factually; it is not OK because the twittering Maria is extrapolating venality from the mere fact of owning a Soda Stream gadget. She is suggesting that anyone who owns a Soda Stream gadget (that is an Israeli product) is automatically suspected not only of being unsympathetic to Palestinian suffering (an irredeemable sin as far as our sweet and gentle Maria is concerned), but also, of being tight-fisted and dishonest*. People who use SodaStream, implies Maria, are likely to hire a babysitter and at the end of her stint defraud her of her hard-earned payment.

If you hired a babysitter to look after your little children while you were away from home, would you trust such a person with your children's safety? If you knew what she was thinking and even declaratively saying behind your back, would you hire her again? If you had an inkling of the hallucinatory hostility she was radiating towards you, on her  twitter account to her like minded friends, would you allow her near your kids, any time??

There is a silver lining to this unpleasant story: Maria is a fan of Max Blumenthal. That he has fans who are this juvenile, malicious and stupid is all we really need to know about him.


* If I wanted to be really mean and uncharitable towards Maria, I would extrapolate from her mean-spirited, totally gratuitous,  message that she was suggesting that the people she was babysitting for were likely to be what antisemites say Jews are like: miserly and dishonest. But I won't do that. I'll give her a little wriggle room here. She is merely silly, giddy and patently ignorant.


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