Sunday, July 06, 2014

I don't mind people who purportedly care about human rights and human dignity use the term "racist" and provide horrifying tales of Israeli racism. What I do mind is the moral condescension and hypocrisy of such "peaceniks" who harbour in their heart of hearts dark and unreconstructed pathological prejudices.I'm not suspecting Elizabeth Tsurkov of any such prejudices. I'm sure she has been very solicitous towards Mizrahi Jews in Israeli society and

their haughty marginalization by certain parts of the Squeaky Clean Left. I'm just saying, you know, how impressed I am by her concern for the Mizrahi Jew mistaken for an Arab.

This in response to this tweet:

And then I wondered about that "racist" thingy and how it can act like a moebius ring:

Nonsense, Ochovsky style

And still on the same subject. Gal Ochovsky, on his television show, conducted a terrible racist interview with Ronen Shoval from “Im Tirtzu”.** “You are such an Ashkenazi , he told him “with blue eyes”. And that really is wrong that this young man with his Aryan looks should behave like the barbarians and the Feiglins. In the mind of the enlightened Ochovsky in order to be a dangerous racist you need to be dark skinned, dark-eyed. Though, in fact, Feiglin has blue eyes, too. This won’t do any good. Ochovsky has solid opinions about blond blue-eyed people. For him they are über alles and that was just for starters. There was no interview there, only an unleashed fulmination, cringing support for and self-ingratiating to Bakri, the great actor, and analogizing “Im Tirtzu” to McCarthyism and the benighted thirties. So said the man who loves the Aryan look.
The problem does not spring from Ochovsky’s opinions. The problem is his shallowness. It was Bakri who called for a boycott against Israeli culture, and not just at the Paris Festival. Is there a chance that Ochovsky would turn Bakri into a Nazi or a McCarthyite? Not bloody likely. Ochovsky was one of those who aligned himself with the boycotting of Hall of Culture at Ariel. So there. He is for boycotts but will tag as Nazis ("The thirties”) those who call for boycotting Bakri.
It is all right for Ochovsky to have his own television program in which he sprays his agenda. Freedom of Speech and all that. How come, though, that there is not a similar television program which promotes the antithesis to Ochovsky?"

To quote a well known Jewish rabbi:  He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first  stone.

Just saying, like.


At 8:53 AM EDT, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

I just looked at the tweets by that lady and immediately stumbled on this: "We are targeted by mostly shitty rockets. Gazans are shelled with heavy bombs. We have shelters, sirens, Iron Dome. They have 0"

Oh boy oh boy... are these characters produced by a 3D printer or what?


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