Saturday, October 04, 2014

Frederick Forsyth: Where is the justice for the Israeli victims?

ONE tries to remain even-handed in contemplating the 60-year-old enmity of Israelis and Palestinians but facts are still facts.

The Israelis have pulled out all the stops in trying to hunt down the murderers of the Palestinian teenager Abu Khdeir, whose body was discovered in a forest hours after he was kidnapped off a Jerusalem street.

But I have not seen a single report indicating that Al Fatah (which controls the West Bank) or Hamas (which rules Gaza) have lifted a finger to track the abductors and killers of the three Israeli teenagers murdered while hitch-hiking home across Palestinian territory.

Inside Israel the government of hard-line premier Benjamin Netanyahu has clamped down on rioting while the Palestinians have let it rip.

If the Palestinian authorities cannot even show common cause and co-operation when harmless boys are snatched and killed whose respect do they deserve?


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