Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is there anybody out there?‎

The following message was left on my blog by Selma, the translator and poet blogger from Tehran:

"It's 3 am in Tehran. I'm sitting in the dark, waiting for a miracle to happen. ‎
Two of my friends who were at the protests today are missing. No sign of them, their cell ‎phones are off, no one knows where they are. We know a large number of people were ‎arrested today, but there is no list of detainees, no place to refer to, we don’t know who is ‎arresting them and where they are taken.‎
Tonight of all nights, I feel that “loneliness” with my flesh and blood.‎
I don’t dare write this in my own weblog. Just visited your blog to read your recent posts ‎and couldn’t help writing this comment here.‎
Yes, we have fought this lonely fight for a long time…‎
But is the world hearing our voice? Is there anybody out there?‎

From Tehran with Love - Selma"


At 5:39 AM EDT, Blogger bob said...

I often wonder if I would have the sort of courage that Selma and her comrades have had to have. I hope so, but it has been humbling to see their bravery.

Selma says:
That the world loses interest and this new shiny strange toy loses its novelty and ‎glamour… then… like what happened to many other struggles for freedom in other places ‎of the world, people would no longer even bother to follow the news, let alone supporting ‎the cause…‎
Certainly the Western media likes shiny new toys, and news stories become old toys quickly these days. Iran is slipping down the news agenda already. Shameful.

At 5:08 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Unfortunately, the Western Left doesnt value liberty as much as it does other vales like radical egalitarianism and statist big government.

At 5:15 PM EDT, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

PS - Long live the second amendment. Lest you through your freedom away so lightly.


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