Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So which is it: Discrimination, or Discrimination against Arabs?

Haaretz has an article today about discrimination against groups in Israel. In the report, it seems that

"Israeli employers prefer not to hire Arabs, Ethiopians and Haredis - even those holding at least an undergraduate degree, according to a study published on Monday. "
The report then goes into some details:

More than 83 percent of employers are repelled by the idea of hiring an Arab without a university degree, found the study conducted by the Kiryat Ono Academy.

Some 58 percent of managers prefer not to hire Haredic academics, and 53 percent of them would rather not hire Ethiopians, the report said.


Some 86 percent of the research participants said that they would rather not promote Haredic employees, 79 percent said that about Arabs, and 70 percent of them would rather not promote an Ethiopian worker.
So here we have a report of three distinctive groups within Israeli society subjected to some sort of discrimination: Arabs, Haredis, Ethiopian Jews.

The first statement suggests that there seems to be a general reluctance to hire any of these groups even when they do not have a university degree.

However, a little further down, we find that

"More than 83 percent of employers are repelled by the idea of hiring an Arab without a university degree".

There seems to be some dissonance between the two findings which is not clear: are Arabs discriminated against because they are Arabs, or because they do not have university degrees? And what kind of jobs are we talking about? Manual jobs that do not require any specialization or education, or white collar jobs which do stipulate a university degree?

Another point of puzzlement: it appears that Haredis encounter more prejudice than Arabs do, when it comes to promotion.

And even more puzzling is the emphasis given to the Arab sector in this report. The title of the article says:
Study: Israeli employers prefer not to hire Arabs.

Yet the information we
receive from the article as soon as we start reading is that "Israeli employers prefer not to hire Arabs, Ethiopians and Haredis".

It's as if the writers of this report were mainly concerned with the discrimination of Arabs, and less with the discrimination of Ethiopians and Haredis. So what exactly is the problem that bedevils Israeli society, that there are still levels of discrimination to be found among its ranks against anyone who is distinctly different in some way, or discrimination against Arabs? Which is the more outrageous sin, I'd like to know? Because as I read this article, discrimination as a foul sickness does not seem to worry the authors so much as the specific discrimination against Arabs does. The article's emphasis on the Arab sector is in and of itself a type of discrimination.

Speaking for myself, the kind that outrages me most is discrimination against Ethiopian Jews. The Arab sector is a powerful and assertive presence, with a well-oiled machine on all levels of politics and society for making and correcting perceived wrongs. The same applies for the Haredi sector. It's the Ethiopian Jews that are the most vulnerable minority, the least vocal with the least power to advance their cause. They are the ones about whom we should worry the most.

You don't get that kind of concern from this particular article.


At 8:57 PM EST, Blogger EscapeVelocity said...

Doesnt look like the Jews are doing much better than the Euro-Christians....does it?

The Western Left is gonna rip Israeli Jews to shreds.

At 4:59 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

when you understand where israel is located and on whos people land then you may know why.

until then israel is some country in etopia that discrimination shoulndt be accepted between any race.

good artical though nice insight but difrrent precpectives.


At 6:47 AM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

Arabian's answer should be taken within the context of Arabian's mentality, a mentality according to which Neda Agha-Soltan, (the beautiful 16 year old girl who was shot dead by the instruments of the Iranian regime during the post elections riots) is "garbage"

At 3:44 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what do you think about the activest Rachel Corrie that was killed by the "israeli regime instruments" namely a bulldozer.


At 7:03 AM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

Rachel Corrie is a terrorist sympathiser who foolishly got herself killed while actively defending weapons cache meant for Israeli women and children while inserting herself between her Palestinian handlers and a bulldozer looking for weapons buried in the ground. Her death was an accident, not a deliberate killing.

You don't really mean to compare her with Neda, deliberately targeted when she was walking the streets of her own country, among her own people, minding nothing but her own business, looking for nothing but more freedom and transparency from a corrupt and brutal government.

These epithets, which you drop now and then, seem to come too easily to you: Jews were slaves in Europe, Neda was "garbage". When you say "slaves" you mean it as a way of denigration and contempt, when you say "garbage" you mean to dehumanize an innocent young girl. People who belittle and mock others so instinctively are taught to do so, and it becomes second nature to them.

At 3:42 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didnt belitille her when i said garbage.
thats what I really think.

Western media capetalized on the velvet revolution in iran and turned neda into in icon.....why...because she simply is a tool to damage the iranian government.
its called capitalization on the suffering of people....just like the holocaust industry.

i really ment she is a garbage in contest of what have been done to her image + i hate anyone participating in these types of demonstrations holding english singns agianst their governments.

now dont tell me she is a person walking in the street calling for trancperancy and i dont know what.....since when did iran have trancperancy or was it part of their culture............its the opposition movment that use these young victims into demonstrations.......

and believe me if neda was not dead........there is no use of her to you. you are the real wicked people "western press"......


know away from neda the HERO,,,,,,

why do you think arabs shouldnt get more attention than ethiopiaans in racism in jobs.
i think its really realistic and good media that is aware of the arabs problems in thier own land.

can you explain your point of view on this issue.

you want them to worry about ethoipians because an ethopian sings the national anthem from his heart ......opposed to the arab. why ??????

face the problem you hate arabs and want to erase any importance to them in the isreali intity.

and what do you mean arabs are well-oiled....this is based on what? azmi bshara was deported for example.
in jeruslim houses of arabs are demolished because of arab targeting laws.
did you hear an ethiopian house demolished?

maybe i shouldnt talk in "isreal society issues" where you seek to empower isreal........and zionest entity to me. so next time i will just read these topics , because the gap is huge.

finally an arab proverb used alot daily.
the house is our fathers and they fight us for it.


At 3:48 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and thanks for the word epithets.
I googled it and its a very interesting word indeed.

At 2:04 PM EST, Blogger The Contentious Centrist said...

Arabian: I suspect that your knowledge of Azmi Bisha'ra is not based on fact but on myth. Another Arabian night tale you read in your sources. He was not deported. He fled from trial, like a thief in the night. Had he been that convinced of his innocence he would have stayed and faced the music.

What do you know about the Holocaust, Arabian, that you dare reference it here in this context?


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