Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Outside the Israeli enemy embassy in Cairo"

Courtesy of Angry Arab, (Dr. As’ad AbuKhalil, professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus and visiting professor at UC, Berkeley) I could watch this youtube in which we can view a demonstration in Cairo in front of the Israeli Embassy. AA is very moved by the sight, as a brief look at his string of excited posts about the event may reveal. It makes sense, since AA is awaiting, with bated breath, the liquidation of the lousy Zionist entity.

The rally doesn't look too impressive, numerically-wise. How many have congregated there? 200-300 protesters? Out of the 11 million Egyptians of Cairo, this is not even a needle in the haystack. But never mind the numbers. Let's look at the demographics of the rally: All angry young men. Sorry. Not all. We can glimpse, every now and then, the sight of a woman. I counted something like five. Every woman present in that rally seems to wear a religious head covering. Why aren't there secular Egyptian women in the rally?

Could this be one possible explanation (from another Arab doctor, Dr. Ashraf Ezzat, a calmer, more polite, but no less vicious version of Angry Arab)?

"Decades of political repression of dissent in Egypt has created an iceberg out of the Muslim Brotherhood group -MB- with seven-eighths of its actual size under the surface."

Yes, my cautious speculation is that the rally is the work of the Muslim Brothers, whose favourite candidate and willing stooge, is already making all the right noises in an attempt to appease their antisemitic blood thirst, while bringing to it the legitimacy of an internationally acclaimed "peace" lover.

I derive a certain consolation from the smallness of the rally, the scarce presence of women and the absence among them of any visibly-recognizable secular women, that maybe the overwhelming majority of the Egyptian people as a whole are not all that keen on launching another war on Israel. Perhaps the triumphalist eliminationist crowings from the professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus and visiting professor at UC, Berkeley are a bit premature, after all?



For some more consolation (the best we can call such consolation is "cold comfort") here is an article by Spengler (H/T: K2K, in the comments)


At 10:44 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it was a new Rasmussen poll that has Amr Moussa with 80% of Egyptian support for the presidency. Moussa prefers the indirect approach to "definding Gaza", using the Arab League to get the UNSC to copy the Libyan solution of UNSCRes1973 - but that would make it "legal" for the Egyptian Air Force to protect the "civilians" of Gaza. OTOH, Moussa is also a pragmatist. El Baradei should not be our big worry in Egypt. I would think the Egypt military would much rather invade Libya to protect their eastern oil fields than risk a dogfight with the IAF...although the EAF could make some major bombing mistakes inside Gaza...
is a fine persuasive essay on all the reasons why a UN General Assembly vote on statehood for "Palestine" is a ruse.

hope you are seeing daffodils at last :)


At 1:04 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

from one of my favorite writers, THIS really cheered me up!

"Israel the winner in the Arab revolts"
By Spengler (aka David Goldman)

ps: Victor Kotsev also writes for Atimes, and, is also worth reading.

You need these antidotes.


At 9:39 AM EDT, Anonymous Will James said...

Thanks CC and K2k for the fine article by Spengler. It left me feeling more optimistic than I have been able to justify in some time.

Meanwhile the killing of Mer Kammis in Ramallah and the abduction/ murder of Vittorio Arrigoni in Gaza are so ghastly and insane that even the Jew-haters on the radical left must be scratching their heads wondering why they are being treated no better than Jews.

And Goldstone's flip-flop is one of those rare PR victories that seems almost like a fairy-tale ending in a Hollywood movie.

Now, if only the Assad regime would collapse and the Bushehr reactor would do the same, it will feel like spring has truly arrived...

At 12:29 PM EDT, Anonymous Noga said...

Here is another reason to cheer up:

"Israel May Hold the World’s Third Largest Reserve of Shale Oil"


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