Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Of murderers, torturers and other rabid dogs

Samir Kuntar to be freed from Israeli jail

The Hebrew poet Haim Nachman Bialik once wrote in a poem "that even the devil himself is at a loss to invent the revenge for the murder of a small child...."

At times like these I regret not having faith in God, so that I could pray to Him and demand that this man will be given a punishment only a God can mete out...

"By these acts the defendants reached an all-time moral low... an unparalleled satanic act... the punishments we are about to impose on the defendants cannot begin to match the brutality of their actions..."

Let him live a life of perpetual flight and fear...


Bradley Burstyn tries to find words...

Few innocent people have been tortured like the loved ones of the people murdered by Samir Kuntar, the Palestine Liberation Front monster convicted of a crime so brutal that even the designation terrorist is too good for him.

This week, the loved ones will know that Kuntar will be feted to a hero's welcome staged by Hezbollah, whose claims to being a religious organization, stain the word religious with a level of sadism that is astonishing, reaching new levels with every gloat by the torture master who calls himself a spiritual leader, Hassan Nasrallah.

But that will be only one aspect of the glee with which Hezbollah will likely take explicit pride and claim exultant victory.

Not satisfied with keeping the families of kidnapped IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev in the dark for two years as to their fate, a Lebanese report which appears to have been leaked by Hezbollah two days before the prisoner swap, stated that one of the soldiers had survived the kidnapping attack, but that the other was surely dead.

Then, to torture the families further, the report refrained from revealing which of the two had been killed, or whether the other was still alive.

And another attempt to make sense of this pathological evil here: Psychotic with hatred


Let's remember that this is the kind of "resistance" the perverse Norman Finkelstein exhorted to continue its actions in the noble aim of defeating Israel...


At 9:24 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israel chooses to exchange Kuntar. It is not obliged to. Israel chooses to take prisoners alive. It is not obliged to unless they are members of an organization that observes the Geneva Conventions. Israel chooses to forgo imposing the death penalty for murder. It is not obliged to.

The current situation is of Israel's making. By adjusting its policies, Israel can reestablish its deterrence. There was a time when Israeli soldiers fought to the death rather than surrender. Reestablishing that norm will also be good.


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