Sunday, April 08, 2018

What do Palestinians long for?

From Nasir al-Din al-Nashashibi's 1962 book, "Return Ticket."

"I shall see the hatred in the eyes of my son and your sons. I shall see how they take revenge. If they do not know how to take revenge, I shall teach them. And, if they agree to a truce or peace, I shall fight against them as I fight against my enemy and theirs. I want them to be callous, to be ruthless, to take revenge. I want them to wash away the disaster of 1948 with the blood of those who prevent them from entering their land. Their homeland is dear to them. But revenge is dearer. We'll enter their lairs in Tel Aviv. We'll smash Tel Aviv with axes, guns, hands, fingernails and teeth, while singing the songs of Kibya Dir Yassin and Nasir ad-Din. We shall sing the hymns of the triumphant avenging return." (P. 6-7)

And today?

Hamas declaration on April 2018:

What's the difference between Far-Right antisemitism
and Far-Left anti-Semitism?

Far-Right antisemitism is hatred and fear of Jews qua Jews, all Jews.

Far-Left antisemitism is hatred of what they call Zionists, those 98% of world Jews who either live in Israel or support Israel, or have no problem with the idea and  existence of a Jewish state. 

What makes it possible for Far Left Antisemitism to claim they are not antisemitic is the (possibly) 2%* of Jews who don't support the Jewish state. 

If there are 13M Jews in the world,
Far Right antisemites hate all 13M of them.
Far Left antisemites hate "only" 12,740,000 of them.

So what is the difference between Far-Right antisemitism and Far-Left antisemitism?

Far Left antisemites believe they have a really good reason to hate most of the Jews, unlike Far Right antisemites who are much less bothered to look for good reasons to hate Jews.

 * It's quite possible that I've exaggerated on the side of caution the percentage of Jews who don't favour Israel.