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Comments trail: October 30 -November 7

Obama and Gandhi

@Buj the Arab blogger from Dubai still refuses to deal with simple facts *

@Z-word blog: UNRWA Shames Employee over RoR statement

Norway funding anti-Israel bloody minded propaganda in Syria

@ Pajama Media: Michael Totten on the UN discrediting itself yet again
(My comment)

@ Al-Arabyia: American Students schmoozing with Hezbollah
(Comment does not show up yet. The gist of it was to question one commenter's statement that: "02/11/2010Fred,did your zionist mind ever wonder maybe the Jews don't live in Lebanon because they have made it unsafe for themselves by invasion and occupation?" I wondered what statistics and verifiable records can be brought by said commenter to support such a statement. The Jews lived in Lebanon from Biblical times. So when did they invade and occupy it? )

@ Bob's: Kosovo-style social cleansing

Elections 2010

The mystery of the exploding packages addressed to synagogues

The Iranian who wouldn't shake hands with the Israeli champion

@ The Spine: Yemenite bombs

@ Nick Cohen: Jon Stewart's oxymoron ("American leftists have yet to learn that they cannot be a little bit liberal. They can't denounce the idiocy of Fox and ignore the idiocies of religion. Maybe they will never learn.") Update

Jews who are Ashamed of ashamed Jews: a story about Jewish shame and incurable stupidity

Ghouls & American foreign policies

About Obama ("It's not him, it's them") And related: Stewart and insanity

@ The Spine: Gaza blockade

Peace no peace


* Copy and paste from exchange (there is always the chance that, Buj being a sensitive soul that cannot stand to be challenged by verifiable facts, will delete)

The Contentious Centrist said...

"It's scary how many countries are listed there."

What the photos make clear is that the countries were many but most of protesters expressing hatred in such aggressive and scary manner are Arabs and Muslims.

Maybe they were protesting something else but Israel is a good venting valve for their frustrations. It conveniently deludes the natives that this hatred is not directed at them.

BuJ said...

hey good to see some proper haters come back here!

CC, i dunno why u even bother and give this weird barrage of "facts".

The UN report on human development index is for the whole country and not the minorities (from what i've read).

If Arabs were doing so well in Israel, why are you trying to enact new laws to screw them over every year? Arabs make 1 in 5 Israeli citizens, yet there are only 2 Arabs in the Knesset.... very exemplary.

Additional comments left there in response to buj's two statements dealt with his two statements in this comment (I'm recontructing them from memory):

1. "Arabs make 1 in 5 Israeli citizens, yet there are only 2 Arabs in the Knesset.... very exemplary."

As usual. buj is grossly misniformed:

2." If Arabs were doing so well in Israel, why are you trying to enact new laws to screw them over every year?"

What laws would those be? Can you cite such legislation and a reliable source from which you got the information?

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"My name is Lauren Booth and I'm a Muslim"

From Hamastan to Islam - Allahu Akbar

I've written about Booth in the past.

Here is the latest youtube vid in which she announces her spiritual epiphany one night in an Islamic shrine in Iran, at the end of which she woke up a changed person and submitted to the joys of Islamitude.

In this article she explains a remarkable achievement:

"Now I don’t eat pork and I read the Koran every day. I’m on page 60. I also haven’t had a drink in 45 days, the longest period in 25 years,' she said.

'The strange thing is that since I decided to convert I haven’t wanted to touch alcohol, and I was someone who craved a glass of wine or two at the end of a day.’"

If you have the patience to watch the video you will notice that she crowns her speech by [re?] introducing herself to the crowds in the following way:

"My name is Lauren Booth and I'm a Muslim"

What's interesting is her impossibility to see the irony she epitomizes in anything she says. Clearly the most important aspect of her conversion, for her, thus far has been a newly-discovered ability to withstand the lures of alcohol. Alcohol is obviously paramount on her mind since she chooses to present herself in the words of someone attending Alcoholics Anonymous for the first time:

"My names is Such-and-such and I'm an alcoholic".

It's impossible not to notice that somewhere in her mind she associates being a Muslim with being an addict.

The mutual help group, AA, that tries to get alcoholics to withdraw from chronic alcohol consumption has its own codified set of rules, called The Twelve Steps.

  • admitting that one cannot control one's addiction or compulsion;
  • recognizing a greater power that can give strength;
  • examining past errors with the help of a sponsor (experienced member);
  • making amends for these errors;
  • learning to live a new life with a new code of behavior;
  • helping others that suffer from the same addictions or compulsions.
As we can hear from her description, she has already managed to fulfill some of those steps: She admits that she could not control her alcohol craving, she recognized a greater power that gives her strength, and she learns to live a new life according to new rules.

Let's wish Lauren Booth much success in her quest to battle her addictions.

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"The kinship of the single-minded"

The leaves are falling, as they do every October, but LEAF, the women’s Legal Education and Action Fund, seems impervious, or at least resistant, to changes of season. This week the sisterhood is celebrating whatever role it played as intervener in (a) acculturating the quaint custom of wrapping up women like sausages and (b) legitimizing the idea of defendants having to face masked accusers in Canadian courts.

From now on, at least until a higher court decrees otherwise, shariah will gain a symbolic foothold in Canada’s justice system. Trial judges will determine case by case if a witness can testify wearing a niqab. The door had been opened by blue-ribbon feminists; the mullahs just walked through. Ironically, in Ontario the burqa isn’t the Taliban’s fashion statement but feminism’s.

What do we lose? Oh, bagatelle; a few principles. Blessed by judicial hypocrisy, we’ve reduced the ability of lawyers to cross-examine, juries to arrive at informed conclusions and defendants to make full answer and defence. Look at what we’ve gained, though: We’ve accommodated a liaison between modern matriarchy and medieval theocracy.

Talk about strange bedfellows. It certainly illustrates the kinship of the single-minded.

Still, I’m not as dismayed by the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision in R. v. N.S. as many friends in the media. True, taking away from men in legal disputes with sausage-ladies every defendant’s right to test demeanour evidence in court is pretty bad, but it could have been worse. Someone could have argued that to avoid unfairness to non-Muslim complainants, or the non-religious, all accused should be deprived of the benefit of demeanour-evidence.

Read more:

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Reports from Europe:

Via "Islam in Europe":

In Malmo, Sweden:

"Police in Malmö issued a warning on Thursday urging residents with immigrant backgrounds to be extra careful when out alone at night or in the evenings.

The warning comes following information released by the police on Wednesday indicating that residents with immigrant backgrounds have been targeted in a number of recent shootings, up to 15 of which the police believe may be related.

Police also cautioned members of the public not to try to intervene if they witness a new shooting.

“You shouldn’t give chase. The first think you should think about is your own safety, then call the police,” J-B Cederholm of the Skåne County police said at a Thursday press conference, according to the Kvällsposten newspaper."

In France:

Ivan Rioufol, of Le Figaro, wrote the following on his blog (FR):

All students are obviously not rioters. But the rioters of the past few days - and Wednesday morning again in the center of Lyon - are indeed students. They are, mainly, from the ghettos. The hooded people aren't marching to defend retirement at 60, or even the welfare system which enticed their parents or grandparents.
They're there to battle the Republic, its culture and it's most visible symbols: the security forces, the schools. That's why a school was burned down in Mans. The scenes of urban guerrilla warfare that they're reproducing are very similar to the images of the intifada of the young Palestinians confronting the Israeli forces. Comparisons are misleading, but these ethnic insurrections of youth who are often of Muslim culture, also reject the state seen as a colonizer and oppressor. These wild people, each time more intrepid and organized, remind us of the failure of their integration.

In Holland:

Christian asylum seekers living temporarily in Dutch refugee centres are often threatened or physically abused by fellow refugees who are Muslims, according to a support group. The Christian group, the Gift Foundation (Stichting Gave) presented its findings on Dutch public TV on Tuesday.

In Norway:

The Saudi Arabian government and wealthy Saudi individuals want to build mosques in Norway for tens of millions. They are legally entitled to do so, according to Norwegian law for financially supporting religious communities, but the large sum means that the government will have to approve the financial support.

The foreign office is not only refusing to approve the funding. In a response to the Tawfiiq Islamic Center, the ministry wrote that it would be 'a paradox and unnatural to approve funding from sources in a country which is not open to religious freedom."


The root of the problem: According to the authors of this article, it's lack of clarity and absence of teachable definitions:

Is It Islamic or Islamist?

The West’s confusion spells trouble.

At least a few on the left are defending Islamism because they think that they are defending Islam. Recently, a European policymaker told us that she had become sympathetic to Turkey’s governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) because “in the post-September 11 world, I wanted to defend Islam.” Well, the AKP, and other Islamist movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab world, do not represent Islam. These Islamist parties, even when not using violence, stand for an ideology that is illiberal to its core—for instance, its refusal to recognize gender equality. In the same way that communism once claimed to speak for the working class, Islamism claims to represent Muslims. By defending radical Islamist movements, the left is helping only to give Muslims a bad name. The left ought to side not with so-called moderate Islamist parties, but rather with liberal Muslim movements, such as the Republican People’s Party in Turkey and the pro-democracy movement in Egypt, which support gender equality.

The right, on the other hand, often targets Islam while thinking that it is attacking Islamism. Banning the building of minarets, as Switzerland did, is exactly the wrong thing to do. The problem is not a mosque; the problem is a mosque used to promote violence, jihadism, and illiberal Islamism. The crimes of Al Qaeda, Hizbullah, and other groups are rooted in jihadist Islamism, which advocates violence to impose extremist dogma on Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

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Comment trail October 20-25

About Democrats vs. Republicans

@ Bob's: about Israeli cinema

On Juan Williams

Hammer visits the HolyLand and repeats cliches

Tragic Palestinians: Legalities

@ The Spine: Oy Vey, what did the rabbi say?

(Read what he said, here)

Sfirat Mlai (Taking stock) (Yossi Banai)

One state, two seas, one lake and malaria* too.
One perfect circle of sun
One wise nation of people full of specialness
One big headache and three headache pills
and six days and seven nights
One God our own God who presides over the heavens and the earth

One large immigration wave
and two thousand years of exile
two annual vacations and one free weekend
One day of victory
one day of defeat
one day of security
and thirty days of sick leave
Trumpeldor in the Galilee
and one concerto for flute
and half a dozen retired generals

One ancient people
two ministers without portfolio
the first is sad, the second - funny
One difficult childhood
years of attrition
and anyone who wants independence, be my guest

Five wars
one division
and one soldier playing backgammon

Five tired soldiers sleeping in a bunker
and seventy kids are laughing in the shelter
three Zion prisoners are freed
and one convict for life in his sixth month
The child's day, the flower's day and just a day
and still Hill 24 is not responding

One state, two seas, one lake, one tear and ... malaria, too.


malaria is an awkward translation for the word "kadachat" in Hebrew that actually means high fever but in slang is supposed to convey a dismal condition, as at the time of the first pioneers to Israel who optimistically worked in draining the swamps and died like flies from malaria.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's Latest Slander

"על פי הרב, בימות המשיח היהודים יזכו לחיי נצח והגויים יאריכו ימים מסיבה תועלתית בלבד. "בישראל לא ישלוט בהם מלאך המוות לעולם ואצל הגויים זה יהיה כמו כל אדם - צריך למות, אבל ייתן להם אריכות ימים. למה זה? תחשוב, חמור שלו אם ימות - יפסיד את הכסף. זה משרת שלו - גם כן יפסיד אותו. לכן נותנים לו אריכות ימים שיעבוד טוב אצל היהודי הזה".

Here is my translation:

"According to the rabbi, after the Messiah arrives, Jews will gain immortality and the other nations will live forever for utilitarian purposes only. "The angel of death will have no authority over the Jews. But those who are not Jews will be as any mortal, and will continue to die. But God will give them longevity. Why? Think about it: a donkey is a man's servant, made to serve man. If he dies, the man loses. Therefore God gives the beast longevity, so that he can continue to live and serve his master..."

As you can see, Ovadia was speaking of the day after the end of the world, not in any way reflecting what happens on earth, in this life, before the messiah arrives.

The gentiles are offended? Alarmed?

Who, Christians whose vision of the end of time calls for the total conversion or extermination of the Jews?

Muslims? Whose end of time describes:

“The Messenger of Allah said: ‘Judgment Day will not come unless Muslims fight the Jews. Muslims will defeat and kill Jews. The Jew will hide behind the stone and the tree, and the stone or tree will say: ‘Oh Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him! Only the Gharqad tree will not say because it is the tree of Jews.”


If anyone is afraid of the Jewish end of time, here is some consolation, from Maimonides, an authority greater than Ovadia Yosef's:

Jews are obligated to believe with a full heart in the coming of the Messiah, though he may tarry...


It's not a good sign that Yosef feels the need to provide comfort to his constituencies by speaking about the coming of the Messiah. Excessive longing for the Messiah, historically, marked times of great distress for the Jewish people. If anyone finds anything to worry about this incident, it is this aspect of it that we ought to pay attention to.

You might want also to consider that this sermon comes at the end of the week in which Ahmadinejad, a head of state, was visiting Israel's Northern border and spewing his usual threats of exterminating "Zionism", and aiming at a very foreseeable future:

"Revealing the truth behind 9/11 and reexamining the black box of these events will resolve most of the problems.
"I declare: Establishing an independent and impartial committee of investigation, which would determine the roots and causes of the regrettable event of 9/11, is the demand of all the peoples of the region and the world.
"Any opposition to this legal and human demand means that 9/11 was premeditated in order to achieve the goals of occupation and of confrontation with the nations.
"My advice to the occupiers of Afghanistan and Iraq is to leave the region, to apologize to the people, and to pay compensation for the damages.
"If they ignore this kind advice, the powerful hand of the peoples of the region – which are the manifestation of the power of God – will drive them out of the region in shame, and will hand the criminals over to the court of justice."

The Martyrdom of Embarrassed Canadians Seeking Universal Justice

"He who is compassionate to the cruel
will ultimately be cruel to the compassionate."

-- Midrash Tanhuma Metzora 1; Yalkut Shimoni I Shmuel 121

Chapter 1:

Canada lost its latest bid for a seat on the 15-state UN Security Council. The politics of Canada's minority Conservative coalition not to the liking of some mighty voting blocks:

"Put simply, Canada offended a lot of people. It lost African votes by redirecting foreign aid to Latin America; it annoyed China by criticizing the country's human rights record and delaying a high-level visit to Beijing for more than four years; and it irritated Middle Eastern governments by backing Israel more fervently and scaling back aid to Palestinian refugees. And on top of it all, Canada has scaled down its peacekeeping commitment in recent years."

Here is a nice report on the unsuccessful wriggling done by State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley:

"Washington challenged suggestions that it had not backed its military ally at the United Nations. Responding to unsubstantiated rumors that the United States may have voted against Canada, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley demurred, noting that such votes are held in secret. But he assured Canada that the United States remains fond of its northern neighbor, despite a humbling loss by the American hockey team to the Canadians in the Vancouver Olympics.

"We love Canada. We support Canada-except in the Gold Medal Game," Crowley said. "I'm still remembering the Sidney Crosby goal. I am not going to get over that for a while."

"So that's why you voted against them?" a reported asked.

"Again, all I can tell you is that, you know...we did vote, but I'm not going to go any further," Crowley said. "We have the opportunity to work with Canada in many contexts-bilaterally, multilaterally. We love Canada. We support Canada. And we do great and productive work with Canada."

"Let the record reflect that you are blushing," the reporter noted."

In response to criticism:

"As I've said before, our engagement internationally is based on the principles that this country holds dear," Harper said. "It is not based on popularity."

He added the government's decisions are based on shared Canadian values — freedom, democracy, human rights, the rule of law, justice, development, and humanitarian assistance for those who need it."

Chapter 2:

Here is how one Canadian received the news*:

"The Harper minority Conservative government immediately blamed Michael Ignatieff, Leader of the Opposition, because of some remark he made, as if any of the voting countries would have even known, and their supporters blamed a horde of other people. I, of course, absolutely believe it was their own fault. They've embarrassed us every time they've appeared on the world stage. I've gotten so I dread hearing they're attending another international meeting.

But the reason I'm grateful to President Obama and the USA is because there are rumours that they shot down the attempt by the Harper government to get a seat. If so, good for them.

It's not that I wouldn't want Canada to have a seat. I just don't want that loathesome crowd representing us. I'd rather wait until the next opportunity, when we have a decent government."

Here is it is again:

"I just don't want that loathesome crowd representing us."

The " loathesome [sic] crowd" being a government that alienated countries with the most gruesome violations of human rights by sticking up for what is right. A crowd whose critics can make the following kind of allegation without having the decency to blush:

Let me just clarify then: Are you suggesting that Canada’s Israel policy could leave young Canadian women in limbo?”
Pardy: “Yes.”

The aforementioned comment was made by a Canadian poster whose record I'm quite familiar with. She takes great pride in her own heart-rending worry about the human rights abuses perpetrated against the young Jihadi Canadian at Guantanamo Bay, Omar Khadr, about whom I wrote here. Here is how she expresses her great concern for Khadr's Via Dolorosa:

Hope hope. Canadian media is full of speculation on a plea deal. The case has been put off again for no known reason. I'm of mixed feelings about whether he should accept. It would mean pleading guilty when he's not guilty of anything except being recruited into a war by his father, as a 15 year old, when a foreign military invaded the country he mostly grew up in.

But, if it gives him some chance for a life, finally, after all the abuse he's suffered at the hands of his family and government, maybe it would be worth it. He would sure need a lot of rehabilitation to overcome what he's been through.

Chapter 3:

Well, she has a right to her emotions and her selective pity. With such judgment, who in his right mind would solicit her compassion any way? It's just that I recall how, a few years ago, she threw a tantrum when I mentioned Canada's "none is too many" policies against Jewish immigration, angry that I chose to remind her and other readers of that shameful history.

So I wonder if she is the embodiment of that grotesque Indecent Left mea culpa, which tries to atone for the unspeakable antisemitic sins of the past by directing their greatest concerns towards those they consider today's equivalent of persecuted Jews, like Khadr. In other words, trying to make up for silent and passive complicity in the genocide of the Jewish people by embracing with such trembling love and compassion a tried and proven proponent of Jihad, weaned on the idea that the genocide of Jews is an Islamic tenet, a commandment from Allah (it's not his fault, poor thing; what fifteen year old can distinguish between good evil? His parents drummed this into his mind.)

When you think of it in light of such a record of positions, said poster's gratitude towards Obama's administration for blocking Canada's UNSC seat makes perfect sense. The last thing a Canadian government should do is stand up explicitly and unswervingly for its friendship with the Jewish people's only state in the world. The embarrassment is too excruciating to bear.

Update: Khadr's plea deal

Goerge Jonas of Khadr's worthless confession

UpdateII: Harper teaches Canadians about decency

* Comments found on an Internet message board; links saved in my files.

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Comment Trail: October 12 - 19

@ TNR: Ahmadinejad visits Israel's northern border, gets a memorable gift and goes underground

"Three scorpions in a bottle"

@ The Spine: The Israeli Cabinet proposes an amendment to citizenship oath. Some say the new bill borders on Fascism

@ TNR: Boardwalk Empire


What Ahmadinajd Shouted at Metula

Holocaust Revisionism

Holocaust revisionism has taken on many shapes and forms in the last decades. Something about the Holocaust makes people want to change history. Holocaust denial/revisionism has been a thriving industry for the pro-Palestinian crowds, who can be found everywhere.

So here is the latest incarnation of this morally-odious project which was reported by a commenter on Z-word blog.

The reviser is French-Swiss filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard who is being honoured by the Hollywood’s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with an honorary Oscar:

In a 2009 article in Le Monde, “Godard and the Jewish Question” by Jean-Luc Douin, Godard is quoted as making an off-camera comment during the filming of a 2006 documentary: “Palestinians’ suicide bombings in order to bring a Palestinian State into existence ultimately resemble what the Jews did by allowing themselves to be led like sheep to be slaughtered in gas chambers, sacrificing themselves to bring into existence the State of Israel.” Godard apparently believes that Jews committed mass suicide during the Holocaust in order for Israel to be created. The same article quotes him along these lines: “Basically, there were six million kamikazes” and “Hollywood was invented by Jewish gangsters.” At least Godard cannot accuse the American film industry of being ungrateful gangsters.

What can you do? How is one to begin to confront this evil? How is it possible to neutralize it?

The whole article is worth reading, a necessary lesson.

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Creeping Sharia

Via: The Iconoclast:

An Arab investor has included the following contract clause for leasing his building in Berlin:

It states: "The lease may be transmitted to a tenant whose Core business activities do not include the following for which it cannot be rented or subleased:

... Gambling, prostitution, sale, production, distribution or
Marketing of alcohol or pork, interest-based banking business,
Financial transactions or financial services and insurance business, with
Exception of mutual insurance. "

More, here.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Brutality of the Israeli Occupation

A youtube vid, we are told, here,

"of a male Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldier belly dancing around and rubbing up against a bound and blindfolded female Palestinian prisoner has enraged Palestinians and Muslims the world over... all the while the IDF soldier is seen rubbing up against her and laughing whilst gyrating to Arabic music. "

Here is the dance, again.

"dancing around" is more or less what the soldier does. But the "rubbing up against her and laughing whilst gyrating" seems to be a fabrication of the article writer, that is not born out by what we see in the video itself. At no point does the soldier even touch the woman. In fact it is not even known yet whether it is a real video or a manufactured one.

But let's assume it is real.

Of course one might be rather critical of the bad taste displayed by the soldier in this act. What could he mean by it? The woman is handcuffed and blindfolded, so she can't see what he does. He never touches her. The music I presume is added after the fact. It hardly seems plausible that IDF soldiers patrol the streets of hostile Palestinian cities carrying cd players with Arab music on them on the off chance that they might arrest some woman and get to dance around her by way of intimidation or humiliation.

So why is this vid given such wide exposure in world media? We can understand why Palestinian Israel-demonization machines might wish to exploit this by exaggerating its content and inflaming the always ready to be inflamed Muslims around the world. But what could be the reason for networks like the BBC or CNN that they would even give a nod to this non-story? I mean, wouldn't a genuinely responsible editor ask at the very least some of questions I asked above? Seems to me that when it comes to showing Israel in a bad light, no piece of "news" is deemed too low, unreliable or silly not to be made into a major news story.



Tangentially relevant, by way of comparison:
Arab Men Should Sexually Harass Israeli Woman As Resistance


Update 2: Here is another example of Israeli brutality

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Comment Trail October 3 - 10

@ TNR: David Grossman's novel: To the end of the land

@ TNR, Jonathan Chait asks: Why Don't Palestinians Adopt Nonviolence?

@ TNR: A discussion about "The Social Network" (A movie I have yet to see...)

@ The Spine - the condition of the Arab/Israel Peace process

@ Robert Malley on the settlement issue

@ Friedman's doom and gloom scenarios

@ It's complicated: Irish Nobel Laureate Shills for Hamas

Saintliness does not inoculate against antisemitism. Saints are usually people who are willing to die for a very narrow cause or belief usually having to do with pure ethnicity or religion. Just consider who the Catholic saints were/are and for what they sacrificed their lives, or the Muslim shaheeds. So saintliness is hardly a quality I admire in anyone, especially when it's done in the service of so-called suffering of Palestinians. The kind of saintly motivation is so narrow and lopsided that in order to keep itself going it is absolutely necessary to know nothing about contexts, records, history and common sense. Corrigan-Maguire cannot afford to pay attention and learn about the factors that have brought about the current situation in Gaza nor is she capable of exerting herself on behalf of Kurds, who are being hunted down and killed by Turks in Iraq (something that should have bothered her, concerned as she is about international law and such).

I tend to see it as a sort of an acquired autism. Autism's main symptoms are impairments in social interaction, impairments in communication; restricted interests and repetitive behavior.

If you consider the way Corrigan-Maguire is incapable of meeting a question and answering it to the point, in considering a wider context for the Gaza blockade, in repeating the tired excuses for singling out Israel, for ignoring Israelis' suffering, for the need to pretend that there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, it is pretty obvious that what observe is an autistic behaviour which cannot be explained but as willingly and deliberately acquired.

Update: A Peace Nobel Laureate for Hate / Ben Dror Yemini