Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Swollen Envy of a Pygmie Mind

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The Prof. is upset again, as you can see from another one of his daily habitual verbal farts  here:

This is new: Israel stole `Araq: have you ever heard of Israeli `Araq? Is there anything that this terrorist state does not steal? What a failed nation-state that has nothing to offer except war crimes, theft, and lies 
The news article that launched this anguished cri de coeur is this:
Turkish raki, Greek and Cypriot ouzo are variations on a theme with Lebanese and Israeli arak. It is also not dissimilar to French Pastis and Pernod, and the Italian liqueur Sambucca. The word arak means “sweat.” The drops of condensed alcohol are said represent perspiration! The world’s finest arak comes from Lebanon. There, they treat their finest araks with total reverence. Arak is known there as “lion’s milk.”

Up to recently, the finest bars in Israel would stock Yeni Raki from Turkey, Haddad Arak from Jordan or Touma Arak from Lebanon. The only ever-present Israeli alternative was the Elite or Aluf Arak.

However, in Israel there has been a revival of quality araks in the last two years.

The finest newcomers have been Kawar and El Namroud.

Kawar comes from Jordanian roots, and El Namroud is produced in the Galilee by a refugee of the South Lebanese Army, now resident in Israel.

 I would like to try and answer Abukhalil's fulmination, but it would take too much effort and time to  point out all that is wrong, twisted, paranoiac, slanderous, fiercely frustrated and pathologically envious in this statement:

What a failed nation-state that has nothing to offer except war crimes, theft, and lies

But we can look at what someone else recently said about Israel by way of rejoinder:

 After a long trip through the Asian trouble spots, Israel felt very peaceful, and very much like Silicon Valley. I won't comment on the history, conflict or opposing views in the region which are well understood, or at least well covered if poorly understood.  To see the tiny Old City of Jerusalem, crucially important to three world religions, is to understand why people have fought over centuries for this land (1)

Israel has few natural resources and has about half of its GDP tied up in export oriented businesses.  The country is simply too small and with little opportunity to cooperate in traditional business with its neighbors, Israel has become a high tech hub.  Google has a large engineering and sales operation in Israel, whose achievements are definitely world-class.  

In our meetings four things became clear about Israel as a high tech, innovation engine [--]

Monday, June 25, 2012

Jokes of an Angry Arab

I once spoke about prof. AbuKhalil's curiously potatoanian sense of humour. It was a sarcastic comment and I have since learned that I may have spoken too soon; he has revealed himself as an original wit. Take, for example, his jokes about the newly elected Egyptian president. Abukhalil obviously is worried that the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate will not live up to all the promises made to the Egyptian people by this organization. He worries when the new president talks about respecting international treaties (that is, the peace agreement with Israel). So, in the best Arab tradition of shaming rhetoric, he mocks the new president by imputing to him all sorts of lurid and frankly indecipherable fantasies. Like this one:

Egyptian Caliph, Muhammad Mursi, said that the US had offered him a starring role with Lindsey Lohan but that he refused. 

There are other enigmatic jokes in this vein. 
This is a good moment to borrow a page from Simply Jews' own arsenal of favourite perplexicons:
 Why Lindsey Lohan? Could it be that maybe, just maybe, the Angry Arab of California State University subconsciously projects, in the best tradition of psychoanalytic theory, onto Mursi his own suppressed fantasies about that lady? 

It is all very puzzling. But funny. Really funny. Hilarious.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fraud called refugees

from Ben-Dror Yemini's Friday column ("The fraud that is UNRWA"):

Translated by  Elizabeth Rimini

Last month the U.S. Senate received a precedential decision regarding refugees UNRWA and the Palestinian Arabs. To understand the change one should have mentioned that UNRWA’s beginning was appropriate. A UN relief organization for the British Mandate Arabs, most of whom fled and some were deported, due to Arab aggression seeking to destroy Israel just as it has been established. But the treatment of refugees changed direction, and instead of a caretaker, UNRWA became a reproduction, exacerbation and perpetuation plant of tremendous size.
There are two UN bodies dealing with refugees. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) that handles all the world's refugees, and UNRWA, which deals only with the ones that became the Palestinian Arabs (at first they did not know that they are so. They were Arabs. Separate identity developed later). The Commissioner dealt with fifty million people. They won the first aid, and they are no longer refugees. UNRWA, however, started the way with 711 thousand, and miraculously has made them into more than five million. The Commissioner rehabilitates refugees. UNRWA fosters, multiplies and perpetuates the refugee problem.

This paradox is known to anyone who has eyes in his head. It comes from many reasons. One is the strange definition of UNRWA refugee: “They were in the territory of Palestine between June 1946 and May 1948 and lost both their homes and livelihoods as a result of the Arab - Israeli conflict.” But over time their descendants also came into the frame, and strangely enough, and contrary to the definition, also those who were not needed in the first place, and even those who became wealthy later – were still considered a refugee. Thus the number of “refugees” is rising over the years in somewhat vertiginous and strange manner.

Against this background, in recent months MK Dr. Einat Wilf worked, in cooperation with AIPAC, to influence the primary source of funding for UNRWA - the United States. The result is the "Kirk Amendment," named after the Republican senator Mark Kirk. His amendment would require the State Department to report what is the actual number of original refugees, answering to the definition that appears in the original mandate of UNRWA. It is estimated at only 30,000.

There is something sophisticated in Kirk’s amendment, because the Amendment does not demand a cut in aid or a change in the criteria. These are reporting requirements only - A report on the number of original refugees, and a report on the number of descendants. But reports on the amendment made it clear that this entails a first step towards a more fundamental change. As following the report the question will rise - why should taxpayers pay for those who are not really refugees?

In fact, these questions have been popping up. U.S. Undersecretary of State, Thomas Nides, sent a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee, which is urging them to vote against the amendment. He claims that the issue is particularly sensitive, the U.S. should not intervene in determining the number of refugees, and that this matter should be resolved in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. Embassy of Jordan in Washington has put pressure against the adoption of the amendment, and Nides notes in his letter that the amendment might create "a negative reaction, especially in Jordan."

Nides's request was denied. The amendment passed. Meanwhile there are no strong blast waves. And it’s a shame. It's time to blow up the bloated balloon, of ever-swelling Palestinian refugees numbers. On the day the Palestinian "refugees" will be treated similarly to the tens of millions of other refugees in the world - will be the day when the situation will begin to improve, along with prospects for peace. Because the “refugee problem,” as the Arab side stated over and over again, “is perpetuated in order to achieve the solution of the elimination of Israel.”
The treatment so far of the problem of refugees has become the biggest obstacle to peace. It’s time for a change. The U.S. Senate took a preliminary step, limited and uncertain - A step in the right direction. Hopefully, the next steps will follow.

International norms

And more points to the attention of the Congress: By official count of UNRWA, the number of refugees in Lebanon reached early last year to 425,000. However, according to a study published by the American University of Beirut, which UNRWA itself has helped finance; it is only 260 to 280 thousands. They are immigrating and fleeing from Arab countries, because they suffer from severe apartheid in the Arab world (also according to the report). So there is no connection between the number registered and funded and the number of those still there. So the United States, which is the primary contributor, should pose the obvious question: where exactly does the money go, when there is a 57% exaggeration in the number of refugees?

And yet another fraud: under the UN Refugee Convention, Article 1 (A) 2, those who received citizenship in any country, cannot be considered a refugee. And here, according to UNRWA's official publication, Jordan has more than two million refugees, the vast majority of whom have Jordanian nationality. So you can decrease two millions in Jordan, and another 150 thousand in Lebanon and Syria is likely in a similar situation. There the number is also an inflated. Recommendation to this effect is also found in the report filed by James Lindsey. For seven years, Lindsey served as a senior UNRWA official. After his retirement, he was a research fellow in the “Washington Institute", where he published a comprehensive study with deep reform proposals.

And the parade goes on. UNRWA has a staff of more than 29,000 people, only two hundred of whom are not Palestinians - a great mechanism that also deals with incitement through the education system held by the organization. This is the largest agency of the United Nations. Just for comparison, UNHCR, the Commission that handles all other refugees of the world, holds a much smaller team of 7,685 employees, and handles 34 million refugees.

UNRWA – has one employee per 172 patients. In UNHCR - one employee per 4,424 patients.
UNRWA per capita budget is also more than double than the UNHCR. Considering that many of those listed are already citizens of other countries, or that the lists are inflated, as in Lebanon, then it means that a Palestinian Arab “refugee” costs the international community, particularly the U.S., far more than any other refugee in the world.
The chain of absurdities and frauds must be stopped. Uniformity in definitions and norms is necessary. The anti-Israel side argues again and again that Israel should abide by international norms - Great and just demand. This is exactly what should happen, even with the refugees – the same definitions for “who is a refugee ", and the same treatment of rescuing the really needing rather than perpetuating them as “refugees.” This will be the greatest contribution of the international community to promote peace. Senator Kirk began. Hopefully he will continue.

Friday, June 22, 2012

History Lesson: Tel al-Zaatar massacre

How little the world knows about the history of "Palestinian resistance"  except as it pertains to Israel and can be used to bludgeon Israeli self-defence against it. Here is one event that I'm willing to bet no one currently employed on CBC or CNN knows anything about. From wikipedia:

"On August 12 the camp finally fell, following an on-and-off siege of several months. During the last two months, the siege had tightened. Heavy artillery shelling damaged much of the camp and killed a number of inhabitants. John Bulloch, The Daily Telegraph correspondent in Beirut at the time wrote, "In their bitterness the Palestinian commanders ordered their artillery to open up on the fringes of the camp with the ostensible objective of hampering the attackers and helping those inside; instead the shells were landing among the hundreds who had got through the perimeter and were trying to escape. When they were told of this, the Palestinians made no attempt to lift their fire: they wanted martyrs".
Robert Fisk wrote in his biographical profile of Yasser Arafat, The Broken Revolutionary, "When Arafat needed martyrs in 1976, he called for a truce around the besieged refugee camp of Tel el-Zaatar, then ordered his commanders in the camp to fire at their right-wing Lebanese Christian enemies. When, as a result, the Phalangists and "Tigers" militia slaughtered their way into Tel el-Zaatar, Arafat opened a "martyrs' village" for camp widows in the sacked Christian village of Damour. On his first visit, the widows pelted him with stones and rotten fruit. Journalists were ordered away at gunpoint."
In an L.A. Weekly interview published May 30, 2002, Fisk recalls "Arafat is a very immoral person, or maybe very amoral. A very cynical man. I remember when the Tal-al-Zaatar refugee camp in Beirut had to surrender to Christian forces in the very brutal Lebanese civil war. They were given permission to surrender with a cease-fire. But at the last moment, Arafat told his men to open fire on the Christian forces who were coming to accept the surrender. I think Arafat wanted more Palestinian "martyrs" in order to publicize the Palestinian position in the war. That was in 1976. Believe me that Arafat is not a changed man."[12]
The massacre is said to have contributed to the mounting Sunni Muslim dissent within the Alawi-ruled country.[citation needed] As a result, Syria broke off its offensive on the PLO and the LNM, and agreed to an Arab League summit which temporarily ended the Civil War.
The PLO used the former Christian town of Damour to house survivors of the Tel al-Zaatar massacre.[13] Damour, a Christian town on the main highway south of Beirut, had been the site of a massacre by PLO military units on January 20, 1976. The populace not killed in the massacre had been forced to flee the town.
The split in the PLO leadership was ended when the Syrian backed As-Sa'iqa movement was expelled from the PLO, leaving Fatah as the dominant party.[14]
Hafez al-Assad received strong criticism and pressure from across the Arab world for his involvement in the massacre - this criticism, as well as the internal dissent it caused as an Alawite ruler in a majority Sunni country, led to a cease-fire in his war on the Palestinian militia forces.[15]

Estimations of the numbers of victims

  • Harris (p. 165) writes that "Perhaps 3,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, died in the siege and its aftermath"
  • Cobban (p. 142) writes that 1 500 camp residents were killed in one day and a total of 2 200 were killed throughout the events.
  • James Ron (2003) p 84. gives 1,000 - 2,000
  • Canadian artist Jayce Salloum states that 2,000 people died during the entire siege, and 4,000 were wounded.
  • The Lebanese-American Association estimates that "many of the several thousand civilians who had remained there [during the siege] were killed."
  • World Socialist Web Site The bitter legacy of Syria's Hafez al-Assad By Jean Shaoul and Chris Marsden 16 June 2000, gives a figure of "2,000 refugees" for Tel al-Zaatar and the Karantina Massacre together."
Here is a report about the status of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon today: It says:

""The Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon are considered the worst of the region’s refugee camps in terms of poverty, health, education and living conditions," said the American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) in a report released on World Refugee Day.  ANERA cites discrimination, isolation, poverty, joblessness, poor housing and a lack of proper schools, clinics, hospitals and sewage systems as problems affecting Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.  "Lebanon has the highest percentage of Palestinian refugees living in extreme poverty. Two out of three Palestinian refugees subsist on less than $6 a day," the report said."
The article quoted concludes with this interesting sentiment: 
"We thank Lebanon for hosting us through all these years, but I don't understand why we need to be deprived of all our rights," said 43-year-old Ziad Shtewi."

This gratitude expressed, despite the genuine apartheid imposed on these "refugees" by the Arab nations and  in complicity with the UN through its UNRWA, and despite Lebanese state violence against them:

":ANERA's report was released days after three Palestinians were killed in three separate clashes with the Lebanese army -- two in Nahr al-Bared camp in north Lebanon, and one in Ain al-Hilweh near the southern port city of Saida."

This situation is treated with almost total quietism from the usual bleeding heart European Leftists. Why? Because there are no Jews involved, not even on the periphery of the events.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Nazi-style hatred for the Jews

"In a National Review article, Pacepa recalls a conversation he had with KGB chairman Yuri Andropov, who envisioned fomenting “a Nazi-style hatred for the Jews throughout the Islamic world. … We had only to keep repeating our themes—that the United States and Israel were ‘fascist, imperial-Zionist countries’ bankrolled by rich Jews.” (Read the whole thing here)

As history shows, hatred is indivisible. It is plasmatic, osmotic, self-perpetuating and ever growing, like the slime in the Ghostbusters' movie..

If you want to witness for yourself how this hatred works, metastasizes, augments itself and spreads by contagion, you need look no further than two popular blogs "Mondoweiss" and "Angry Arab News Service".

Sunday, June 17, 2012

" A Jewish settler ran over a 10-year-old Palestinian child in Tel Ermaida suburb in Al-Khalil on Sunday night, medical sources said."

Please note that the information is posted on the 11/06/2012 - 09:25 AM and refers to Sunday night and the name of the child is Tamimi:

Here is the same story, featuring the same photo and the same name, but posted on  23/08/2011 - 11:59 AM (nearly 10 months earlier) and refers to the injury taking place on Monday night, and this time the injured child is a girl.

Here is yet another version of the same story, the same family name only this time it is a six year old child, the date is 2012-05-26, and the incident took place on Friday.

According to this version:

"RAMALLAH- A six-year-old Palestinian child was rushed to hospital on Friday after a Jewish settler ran over him with his car near a Ramallah village. Local sources stated that the settler run over the child Raghib al-Tamimi"

Here is yet an earlier version of the story alleging the incident involved three Palestinian kids. The date:  2010/10/09:

"OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (AhlulBayt News Agency) - Three Palestinian children were wounded Friday in the Silwan suburb of Jerusalem when a Jewish settler deliberately ran then over.
Local sources in Jerusalem told PIC that the so called leader of settlers in the Silwan suburb ran the children over as they came out of the mosque after performing their Friday prayers, adding that three of them were suffered medium injuries as a result."


Here is how the incident is reported on Al-Jazeera Note the editing down to 26 seconds of a shocking "hit and run" and how the boy is described as "seriously injured"

Here is another version of the story, by ITN, a longer take where you can see the set up: Palestinian kids are staging a rock throwing show for the sake of some cameramen poised for clicking as the right moment will arrive. The kids throw rocks at the approaching car that slows down as some of the kids run towards it, all the better to aim their rocks I guess, and then the collision, and then the car speeding away, its rear window shattered by rocks, and the kid lying on the road, staggering to his feet. And then you can see how the kid is resisting the other Palestinians who try to shove him into a car, while the announcer explain the kid seemed to be "slightly" injured.

So you get the general idea. There was some incident involving a settler's car, and an allegedly injured Palestinian child. What really happened? When did this incident actually take place?


This is what counts as "news" for Prof. Abu Khalil, you know, the professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus and visiting professor at UC, Berkeley.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Comments log:

@ Bob's: About the ignominious Israeli Left

@ Martin In the Margins: On the "Palestinians" of Israel

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Taking a page out of Bob from Brockley, I am posting here an old old post which I think could suffer to be reread: 


"Silence is golden", says a friend of mine.

But I say that in our beleaguered everyday life, when we await affirmation and acknowledgement for our concerns and wishes, silence is definitely not golden. It often feels almost like a betrayal. Not the betrayal of so-so friends (which is somewhat always expected, lurking in the wings) but the abandonment by a kindred spirit, a friend who had somehow drilled through the barriers you so laboriously erected around yourself and inveigled itself into your very heart and soul. You are left feeling like you have been slapped.. by silence.

In the art of poetry, silence is usually a fraction of a void, an emptiness, a pause, between words that sound and resound. And for some poets, the silence can only be contrasted by a great scream of emotion or anguish or joy.

Lorca was such a poet.

None understand better the meaning of the cry ("el grito") -- the scream, the howl, that is punctuated by short, stylized silences -- than the Spaniards, with their Flamenco, their duende, and the immensity of feeling they funnel through their poetry and music.

"Not unlike the guitar, in fact, the voice of the cantator is considered an instrument of the cry, the cry that dares to break the silence, just as the hands are an instrument to break the stillness, and the feet. "

The Cry

The ellipse of a cry
echoes from mountain
to mountain.

From the olive trees
a black rainbow
veils the blue night.


Like the bow of a viola
the cry vibrates long strings
of wind.

(Translated by Ralph Angel)

Monday, June 04, 2012

The Mos Eisley Spaceport


"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy." (Ben Obi Wan Kenobi)

What has brought this hive of scum and villainy to mind?

This article on Modoweiss.  Those poor poor humiliated women. All they wanted was to take a 9 day vacation in Israel.To savour the beauties of this blessed land. And look at them now. Forced to spend the night at some gulaggy facility, disallowed from even setting foot outside the airport and they, just a pair of innocent, stylish, curious American students! 


Interesting that among the preparations they made for "visiting" Israel, they solicited advice on how to "cope with the problem" of having to go through strident Israeli immigration and security systems. Why would they need that kind of information? Notice how the story begins at the point of entry into Israel. And we are not informed what those two Palestinian-Americans, with ISM connections, were doing in Israel.

"The Israeli authorities have a notorious reputation for denying entry to Palestinians of all citizenships, and I had received all sorts of advice, solicited and unsolicited, on how to cope with the problem. The security officer opened an email from a friend living in Jerusalem who had advised me to remove myself from internet searches. “They are heavy on googling names at the airport recently,” he had written. “See if you can remove yourselves, not crucial but helpful.”



And the comments that follow offer a real glimpse into the dungeon of horrors that anti-Zionists dwell in and seem to thrive on. Here is a sampling:

“These [Israelis] people are sick.
How can they heal ? “…annie bis
Bad news. They can’t.
Not without some tremendous kind of shock treatment.
It’s too pervasive in their government and society to be turned around any other way.

(One wonders what kind of "tremendous shock treatment" the poster has in mind).

No more of their sayanim in my land.
No more of their treasonous pols in my government.
No more cash to them from my labor.
No more vetoes in the UN in my name.
I f you are going to be evil, go do it without my support.
May your god have mercy on your souls.

 P.S. It helps to have a dummy gmail account that you can log in to that gives them absolutely nothing, if you’re not sure you’ll be able to tell them no when they ask you to log in. [Doesn't this kind of pre-conniving at deception is a sort of self-affirming admission that the Israeli system is correct to investigate deeper? cc]

It reminds me of the problems Zochrot have commemorating the Nakba. The whole idea is like garlic to the vampire of Zionism.

The sad irony of it all is that the real Jews of Palestine, the ones who were always there in Safed and Jerusalem while the Ashkenazim were eating borscht in the snow – these people had that tradition of hospitality and Zionism destroyed it.

Eating borscht in the snow:

The Glorious Jewish State is one twisted, f*cked up place. It figures you’d have to be a hateful and immoral Zio-supremacist to defend a place like that.


I think this is enough sampling to give the reader an idea of what kind of place Mondoweiss is, who patronizes it and what sort of ideas and sentiments inform both the owner of the site and his fanatically hateful readers.

It is also a good opportunity to note that this website has been quite welcoming to Peter Beinart's recent book, as described in this article:

"There are certainly still Peter Beinart fans. At this year’s J Street conference, ­Beinart’s speech received several standing ovations (despite the fact that, just days before, J Street’s leader Jeremy Ben-Ami had publicly rejected Beinart’s call for the boycott). And he is sometimes treated as a rock star on college campuses. At Bard, I saw two female students literally clutching The Crisis of Zionism to their chests after Beinart had signed their copies. But while Beinart’s Army still exists, its future recruits may be more likely to come from the anti-Zionist wing of the American Jewish intellectual world.

The hub of that world is the website Mondoweiss, which is run by Philip Weiss, a veteran journalist (and occasional New York contributor) who has largely put aside his career as a generalist writer to become an intellectual godfather to a coterie of younger anti-Zionist Jewish intellectuals, who don’t believe Israel must remain a Jewish state. In some ways, Weiss admires Beinart. “There’s a kind of nobility, or a romance anyway, in what he’s doing,” Weiss says. Though their current projects are of course incompatible—“My belief is we have to save Jews from Zionism,” Weiss says; “he thinks you can save Zionism”—Weiss holds out hope that one day they might not be. “The interesting question to me is, What is the crisis of Peter Beinart? Those of us in the anti-Zionist camp wonder if this rude reception, this bum’s rush he’s getting, is going to send him into our arms.”

Shame on Beinart for being courted by the kind of posters whose positions and attitudes are represented in the smattering of quotes I provided above.  He, a savvy, knowledgeable, experienced journalist and writer, cannot pretend that he is innocent of having brought these foul connections upon himself. What he wrote in that book he wrote with full consciousness and awareness.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Angry Arab's Linkage

"My school email is having technical problems so my blogging is affected. I can't access the supply of links that my readers send me."

I conclude from this information that AbuKhalil uses his university's network to at least receive a large number of emails providing him with the meat for his "news" service website. This is a website that says things like: 

"... once Palestine is liberated, I don't think that Hebrew poet living under a Palestinian flag (and using the renamed George Habash International Airport) should be harassed unless they harm the security of the anti-Zionist state."
" But your delusions are good for us: you won't know what will hit you in the future in response to all the war crimes that you have committed against our people. "

"And once the Palestinian refugees are returned to their homes all over Palestine, I will make sure that you get decent rents in the formerly Palestinian refugee camps because we may be a bit short of space for the occupiers then. "
" (Nothing incenses me or provokes me like watching scenes of "tourist" promotion for the enemy state of Israel: I scream in my inside. The stones are not yours. The flowers are not yours. The beaches are not yours. The clouds are not yours. The blueness of the sky is not yours. All will return to their owners. Then, everything will be more beautiful and more splendid.)"
I wonder whether the university that employs AbuKhalil to teach young students the principles of scientific method and basic logic is aware that he uses its facilities to promote his hatred of Israel, Israelis, Zionists etc etc. And whether this is quite commensurate with his role as an academic at a government funded educational institution.

Friday, June 01, 2012


Prof. AbuKhalil has something to say about numbers:

"To our enemy, Israel, those are numbers.  To us, they are names, faces, and still brimming with life."

And then he selects one of those numbers for distinction in his 'news' service:

"After nine years of efforts to bring the body of their daughter home, Hiba Daraghmeh's family on Thursday hoped to bury her next to her grandfather.  Israeli authorities have agreed to return the bodies of 91 Palestinians whose remains it kept in unnamed graves in the "cemetery of numbers" just north of the West Bank city of Jericho. Hiba's father Azem, in the northern West Bank town Tubas, told Ma'an of his joy when he learned his daughter's body would be returned."

Here are the numbers associated with Hiba Daraghmeh:
19 - was her age
2003 was the year
5 was the month
19 was the day
when she blew herself up outside a mall in Afula, Israel
70 was the number of injured Israelis
3 was the number of dead Israelis:
36 was the age of Avi Zerihan
41 was the age of Hassan Ismail Tawatha
22 was the age of Kiryl Shremko

Prof. AbuKhalil mourns deeply for this dead terrorist . But then, we know he reserves a special love for those who kill Israelis.

And look how he fumes at the news that perhaps "Hamas is working hard to preserve quiet. The relationship may not be a honeymoon, but there is definitely mutual acceptance by each side of the other's presence."


Update: More numbers 

 "They include Ramez Aslim, the suicide bomber who in 2003, blew up the crowded Cafe Hillel in central Jerusalem, murdering 7 people and injuring over 50. Amongst the dead were Dr. David Applebaum, a world renowned doctor and head of the emergency room at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem and his daughter, Nava, aged 20, who was to have been married the next day. They were both dual Israeli and American citizens.

Also released is Raed Abdel-Hamed Misk, the Hamas suicide bomber who carried out an attack on Israel's No.2 bus in Jerusalem in 2003, killing 23 and injuring over 130. The dead included seven children and Goldie Taubenfeld, 42, of New York, and her 3-month old infant son Shmuel. Most of the passengers were religious Jews returning from prayers at the Western Wall."